Linear Programming (LPP) – Previous Years Board Questions (2020 to 2023) with Solutions of ISC Class 12 Mathematics

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Linear Programming (LPP) :

The term programming means planning and the term linear means all relations among the variables must be linear. Linear Programming Problems (LPP) deal with maximizing profit or minimizing the cost of production in a business.

Hence, linear programming is a way of determining the optimum values of a linear function subject to constraints expressed as linear equations or inequalities.

The common region determined by all the constraints of an LPP is called the feasible region.

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XII M B Q S ISC LPP (2020 to 2023)1 XII M B Q S ISC LPP (2020 to 2023)2 XII M B Q S ISC LPP (2020 to 2023)3


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